Hi. Flowers here. I wrote Flowers and The Enterprie (Check it out. 🙂 )
And I am here to tell you a VERY embarrassing story about Hootch.
Here, enjoy! 🙂

Chapter 1

Once, Hootch and I were walking when Hootch suddenly turned and went in the other direction. I asked ‘Where are we going?’
‘Nowhere.’ said Hootch. I knew he was lying, he’s a terrible liar. I again asked ‘Where are we going?! For the millionth time where?’

Hootch didn’t reply. Instead, he walked a few minutes more and finally we reached what seemed to be a deserted factory.

Hootch walked behind the factory to a small other building behind it and went in. It looked a bit like… Well… A public toilet. Hootch walked in a door that said ‘Men.’ Well what do you expect? Anyway, I followed him into the toilet even though it said men. (Hee hee. 🙂 ) He went into a cubicle (It was one of those Handicap ones.) and did something VERY weird. He turned around. (I bet he saw me but made no hint of it) And started to chant something like Obladabla?

Well, he then turned to the toilet paper and took 3 rolls  of it 🙂 (He used the toilet paper but for some strange reason he didn’t take his pants off.) Then he used the toilet paper and went out of the cubicle and into the night. I heard a door slam and another further out.

I left the bathroom and went into the alley. I looked around and saw a door a bit to the left of me. I went to it. It was LOCKED. I went around to the main entrance where there was junk strewn on the floor.

I went in. Inside was weird looking thingymebobs. They all had a computer which on top said Hootch and a password in dots. On the bottom they said weird uses like make a certain number of somthing. Then I heard footsteps a bit further down then……………….

I quickly hid behind a machine that said make 2500 bottles of goop.
Anyway, Hootch came nearby wearing ……… I closed my eyes.
Hootch went to the computer where I was hiding.

He did something on it then said ‘Come out Flowers. I know you’re in there.’
Like I was a baby. 😡  I don’t want to be a baby.  Well, he pulled me out when I didn’t come out.

I fumed and kicked and screamed and punched, but still he dragged me down the hallway down some steps (It hurt a lot.) and into a cell which had a stool, a table with a cup of water and a orange and a apple. He then left me to rot.

About 3 hours later, Hootch came back saying ‘Yes, we will make plans immediately. Ok, bye!’

‘Who-‘   ‘Silence! Don’t speak. And don’t laugh.’ he then indicated a small corner of room, where, he then took off his shirt, and put it on my head. I tried to take  it off, but it stuck to my head like glue.

‘What kind of trickery is this? Hootch?’ I said, fuming. Hootch then laughed
and shook his head. ‘Trickery? This is no TRICKERY. Its the PLAN.’

Then, like that he disappeared. I said ‘No trickery? And what plan?’ I kicked the door. ‘You can’t just leave me like that no you can’t! It’s against the law!!!’
I soon got tired and fell to the floor.

I think it was morning when I woke, but I couldn’t be sure. At least I was rested.
I then looked at my surroundings. I couldn’t see well in the dark, but I was pretty sure I saw a flicker of movement in the corner.

I sat down. Then, Hootch came in the cell. ‘I think I will promote your room
service a bit.’ Then, he blindfolded me and lead up some steps and down or up 🙂 a corridor.

At last, we came to a ‘Whoa! said Hootch while we were going down the steps.
It seemed like he tripped. His grip faltered. I ripped off the blindfold. Then, going the opposite way, ran for my life.

For a few minutes, I ran and ran not noticing my surroundings. Soon, I was winded. I reached a computer. It said Log in. ‘Ok… Lets see… What would Hootch use as a password? All I know right now is its 7 letters…..’

Hootch’s footsteps grew louder and louder by the minute. I panicked not knowing what to do! I thought for a second, then dove behind the computer. Opposite me, was a computer that said ‘Plan A canceled. Plan B activated. Please return to checkout screen to pay for services.’

I  waited. Hootch hadn’t noticed me yet. I looked around and then saw a small door about the size of a stove? Well, I hoped Hootch wouldn’t notice me and slowly CRAWLED to the door.

Hootch walked away.  ‘Perfect timing!’ I thought. I ran to the door, unlocked it, and went through. I was outside! But, I wanted to find out what was going on with Hootch. Well, at least I knew where the door was.

I thought for a second. Then decided to put my plan into action. I waited for a few seconds, to make sure no one was nearby and went across the alley and into the toilet. I wanted to go to the bathroom before I went back into the dangerous stuff again. I waited a bit then left the toilet. I went back in the side door.

I couldn’t hear any noise apart from the strange whirring noise from the
machines/computers. The was no nice sounds. I felt different right now. I felt like I wanted to kick anyone who opposed Hootch. Then I remembered: I opposed Hootch. I wanted to kick myself. I wanted to join Hootch to defeat Hoot, his rival. I wanted to all of this in one feeling. It was odd.

Then, suddenly, I was on the ground. I felt dizzy, like I wanted to faint. For some reason I had punched myself. The feeling was gone-wait. What feeling? The was no feeling. I got to my feet. I slowly walked down (Down, up, whatever 🙂 ) the corridor.

Then Hootch came-we met. I balled my fists like I was going to punch him. I WAS GOING TO PUNCH HIM. Then, Hootch was on my feet, unconscious. I healed him with my last antidote (Why I was carrying antidotes in my pockets I have no idea.) and then Hootch got up. ‘Thanks!

‘Why are you doing this? I asked. ‘To defeat Hoot….. >:(‘ ‘Why, why? but why capture me?’

‘Because, if I capture the person Hoot loves most, then he will sacrifice himself.’
‘Yes he does and all that, but calm down. Now.’ ‘WHY SHOULD I CALM DOWN?? WHY?’ ‘Because I said so-‘  ‘ Look there’s Hoot!!’

‘Huh? Where? I don-‘ I took advantage of hi distraction. I slipped past him and away. I heard him shout curses, but I didn’t care. I was running for my life here. I finally slipped into a room. I’d lost him. Good.

I saw Hootch run past the room I was in. I saw ANOTHER figure run past. I followed. It slipped down into a side corridor. I was curious so I followed. Then it stopped and turned.

Chapter 2

I was frozen to the spot. It took of its hood. It was Hook! ‘What are you doing here?’ he asked. I didn’t reply I stared. ‘What are YOU doing here?’ I asked.
‘I will be polite and tell you. Do you remember when you saw something in the shadows of your cell? Do you remember when you-‘ ‘Yes I do. I do I do. I want to know WHY you are here not WHEN you were here.

‘Hmph. Ok. Well, I wanted to see you tortured. But you escaped. You found the side door. You could have escaped if you didn’t want to meddle so much. >:(‘

‘Why would you want to see me tortured? Thats horrible!’

‘Horrible huh? Huh? When YOU bullied me in school? When YOU pushed me down the cliff? When YOU hit me down the steps? That was YOU not me!’

I didn’t reply. Instead, I ran. Yes, like a coward.

I ran. This time I knew where I was going. I was going to the side door. I past Hootch as he tried to grab me, but I dodged. Soon, I got to the door. It was open. Good. I ran out and away. Hook came out like a buffalo soon after.

Chapter 3

Why do you run Flowers? Why do you run like a coward? Why don’t you stay and fight? Huh?’ ‘I want you to fight me. NOW!’
‘No. You don’t want to fight me.’

‘Yes I do START!!!’ I kicked him in the gut, making him stumble backwards. ‘I’m not going easy Hook.’ I said. And punched him in the face. Hook took a step backwards and ran back in the door. I decided to find out why Hootch wanted Hoot so badly to capture his own SISTER for ransom.

So I went in. I saw Hootch TALKING to Hook. I decided I had two choices. 1: Run. 2: Stay. The safer one was run while I had the chance. The other wasn’t so safe :|. I decided. 1. So I ran like that. I just saw Hook starting to run after me as I turned. Then, Hootch run after me. I fainted.

When I woke, I thought Hootch and Hook had captured me again. But then, there was sunlight and nice furniture all around…. I got up. Then, I opened the door. It was unlocked! I tried not to be surprised. I went into the hallway. The was a door that said Hoot’s room don’t come in unless invited. Then it hit me: This was Hoot’s house!

Chapter 4

Hoot came out of the room a moment after.  ‘Oh. Hi. I thought you might wake up soon. You slept for 46 hours straight. I also heard you crying in your room. ‘

‘But.. Didn’t you save me from Hootch and Hook?’

‘No? They are watching TV right now.. Would you like to join them?’

‘No..’  I thought for a while.  Hoot hadn’t saved me from Hootch and Hoot.. They were watching TV.. I remembered! Hook, me and

Hootch came for a sleepover at Hoot’s! Yes! IT WAS A DREAM!

‘Are you coming or not? Flowers? We are waiting for you.’

‘Ok.’ I said, happier that it was all a dream.


The embarrassing part was really funny eh? Well bye!

P.S. Hootch is stupid.

P.S.S. Hootch is my brother.


A letter named X was walking, thinking to himself,

But why? Why can’t I be a Lentervist? Just because I’m unordinary! Couldn’t I be ordinary like everyone?”

D came running and ALMOST crashed into X, but X sidestepped.

Ever… do you EVER watch where you’re going?” said X.

Feniver, I have a mess-” Q came crashing into them.

Good grief! Why are you on the floor?” asked Q.

Heniver, YOU crashed into us,” said X.

I agree. You crashed into us. Anyway, my message-”  Just then, a WORD came – words were letters enemies.

King, the word, said “This place is mine.”

Lentie, do something!” said Q and X together.

My place, you hear?” said King.

No it isn’t. This rural place belongs to no one!”

Oh really? No one’s? Now I claim it!”

Protection… it’s under protection,” said D.

Q said, “If it’s under protection, doesn’t that mean that you can’t claim it?”

Really, I can’t claim it just because of that?” said King.

Someone said, from behind X, “Excuse me, can you please move?” X moved.

Then, they saw who it was and they gasped. Unbelievably, it was Z, who had never done something like that before.

Very much strengthened, the letters went into a huddle. Whispering, the letters decided on their plan of action.

X said, “We have to separate King into letters, so we have to get between his letters. You, Q, go between the K and the I. Z, you go between the I and the N, and me and D will go between the N and the G.”

You there! Q, you’re not supposed to go between the N and the G.”

X.. sorry…” said Q.

What? It’s OK,” said X.

Very good. Now we can start. Let’s push. 3.. 2.. 1.. PUSH!  Ugly King, SEPARATE!”

Then King exploded and K, I, N and G appeared.

So… what is going on here?” said K, looking around at the mess.

Really… we just saved you from being trapped in a word,” said D.

Quietly Z spoke up, “Really… we did.” K fainted.

Probably we should take him to the hospital,” said X.

Oh, but first I will promote you all to Henivers,” said I, who was actually quite important.

New Henivers, you are now officially the highest rank of letters!” said I.

Maybe we could take K to hospital now,” suggested Z helpfully.

Look, I’m going to carry K to hospital,” said D.

K woke up and said, “I don’t feel good,” and fainted again.

Just then they noticed that G wasn’t there anymore. I looked around and saw G running away, shouting “See you later!”

Hmm… that’s weird,” said I, “maybe you guys can help track him down after this.

Great, let’s go back to town,” said Z.

First, can I tell you my message now?” said D who had come running back to them.

Eh? Your message?”

D said, “Yes, the message you keep ignoring!  Can you please come to a dinner party with me?”

Brilliant!” said X.

And they followed D back to his house and they had a wonderful time.


Fenivers are the lowest type of letters. One above Fenivers are Lentervists. One above Lentervists are Henivers.

All letters are born as Fenivers. They take a test to become Lentervists, but if you are unordinary (meaning there is only of you and no other letter like you) you cannot take the test.

Lentervists become Henivers by taking a test. If you are an unordinary Feniver you can still become a Heniver if you do a great deed.

How letters are born

If A marries B, they could have C or another B or A. If you marry you can only have the letter after the male or one of the parents letters.

That’s all I would like to say.

This is a story I wrote and I hope that you like it!


Flowers and the Enterprie

One day, I was walking in the woods when I saw an abandoned shopping mall – in the woods? Seriously?

Suddenly I saw someone… something come out. It looked like a human – except it was floating and had no legs. It, or should I say she – was wearing a pink jumper and bonnet. I quickly hid behind a bush, hoping she/it (whatever you want to call her 🙂 ) wouldn’t see me. But, she did. 😦

Suddenly I remembered something that Hootch told me once. Enterpries! She fit that description perfectly! While I was thinking this, the Enterprie was sitting on air!

“Don’t hide, Flowers,” she said gently.

Then I was grabbed and everything went black.

When I woke it took me a second to remember everything. Then, I noticed my surroundings. Everything was pink, my favorite color! And hot pink! I was even wearing a pink gown.

Then, someone came with a plate/tray of food. Yum! I just realized how hungry I was! He was wearing pink – that was definitely weird.

“Please, relax,” he said.

“Ok, but where am I and who are you?” I asked.

“I serve the mistress Canetrie (pronounced “kan-tree”). You probably saw her, she’s an Enterprie.”

I paused for a second. “Canetrie, what a weird name.”

“Got to go, I have to do something,” the guy said. He scurried away. I heard the click of a door lock.

I waited and waited, soon I got tired of waiting so I looked in the closet. There were at least 27 gowns in there! Just then I heard voices in the hallway outside. Then I heard a disturbingly familiar voice saying, “What should we do? I really want to have some fun with her.” Unfortunately, it sounded like Hook.

“No we shouldn’t,” said Hoot (pronounced to rhyme with “put”).”The mistress won’t be pleased. The footsteps subsided down the hallway.

I looked at the tray of food. There was some water, orange juice, some cheese and a loaf of bread. I gobbled them down hungrily. Just then I heard the Enterprie’s voice. I recognised it from earlier. I quickly went to my bed and thought of something. I was still wearing my sweater even though my inner clothes were changed. Weird. I thought Hoot must be… what was it again?… I put my hand into my pocket where I kept my journal of all the things I knew. There were at least a thousand pages in there. I looked at the table of contents and saw what I was looking for. Page 100, page 103, page 150, page 200, page 280. There it was!

“Cursing, a bit like hypnotism.Pronounced cuh-uhr-sing. It’s not like hypnotism because the person thinks its their own ideas and they don’t know they’re cursed.”

I thought “Hoot must be cursed.” Then the click of the door outside the room I was in unlocked and someone blindfolded me, gagged me, and tied my hands and feet up and carried me to another room where I was sat on a stool, my gag and blindfold taken off, but not my hands or feet. I opened my eyes and saw a podium, and a door behind the podium. There were a couple of boxes at the corner of the room which said “Fragile”, but that was all. I waited for about five minutes, then the door behind the podium opened. And then the Enterprie came out.

I questioned the Enterprie. “Why did you capture me?”

The Enterprie put her hand in front of my face and suddenly I felt like I should stop speaking. “Silence,” said the Enterprie. But I already felt like I should be silent. “Good,” she said, even softer. Just then two guards marched in. They were also wearing pink like the previous one who had visited my room with the tray of food earlier.

They completely ignored me and went to the Enterprie. They both sat down on two other stools which I hadn’t noticed which were in front of me, and one of them stood up and said, “Miss, Hook would like to see you, he has something to report.”

Canetrie replied, “Tell him I will see him in a few minutes, I have to deal with someone else first,” she said, nodding towards me.
For the first time the guards turned around and looked at me. One of them spoke. “I can’t see anything.”

Just then, Canetrie (we should start calling her Canetrie) seemed to remember something. She was silent for a moment. Then said, “Turn around again.”

Then they did as she said and saw me. They looked surprised. Then Canetrie said, “Leave.”

And then, as if pulled by a force, both of them stood up and glided to the door, backwards. Canetrie then said, “Sorry for our little interruption. I would like…”

Because I spoke up she had faltered. I said, “You still haven’t explained why you want me here.”

“Oh, that..” she said. “Well, if I can keep you for ransom, then perhaps Hootch will notice you’re gone and try and find you.”

“You evil Enterprie!” I said.

“I’m not evil, I’m just trying to earn money,” said Canetrie.

“Well, it’s a horrible way to earn money, kidnapping people like that.” I was cut off by a loud piercing shriek. Canetrie shot a quick glance at me, then went through the door behind the podium. Now she was gone, I looked around to make sure no one was nearby or could see me. Then, once I made sure of that, I took my feet and lifted them up to my chest (they were still tied together) and kept them there while I wiggled down from the stool. I don’t know how I did it, but I managed to wriggle to the podium.
I found what I was looking for in the cabinet underneath the podium. I used the knife, put it on the ground, and then I put my wrists which were also still tied up and put it through like a saw. I did it back and forth and back and forth until finally the ropes came out. Then I used my now free wrists to cut the ropes on my ankles. Now I was free. I took the knife, put it around my waist, and then I walked through the door behind the podium. I looked around. This room had not much furniture. It also had a pile of boxes that said “Dangerous. Do not open unless wearing safety gloves.”

I looked around for a pair of safety gloves, found them and then opened the box. I peeked inside. There were toy scorpions. No, not toys. Real scorpions. I quickly jumped back. I hated scorpions.

Just then, I heard the voice of Canetrie with Hook coming close. I quickly looked at the boxes. It was my only chance. I dived behind them just as Canetrie and Hook came in the room. They saw the box open. They took it off the stack. Lucky I was short. They whispered to each other.

“Who opened this?” said Hook.

“Maybe that rascal Hoot did,” said Canetrie, anger plainly in her voice.

They went into the other room where they would find me. But no me. I heard Canetrie shout “Where is she??!!” and Hook try to comfort her.

Canetrie stormed in the room. “I have a suspicion. Maybe Hoot didn’t open it. Maybe Flowers did!”

Hoot said “That’s perfectly reasonable. That’s why we didn’t find her in the other room!”

“And, even better still, I know where she is!” she said knocking over the boxes, revealing me. I instinctively took out my knife.
“We dont want to fight, no, no. We want to go to the other room,”’ She paused. “Where did you get the knife?” she said looking worried.

“The podium. Simple. Where else?” I said reasonably. Soon we struck up a conversation. Meanwhile, Hook left.
While we were talking, I slowly slipped my knife out from my belt. Then, with one quick movement it was all over. I felt like a murderer. I was a murderer. I had KILLED someone. Hook came in the room. “What the-”  He slumped to the ground. Then without any thought about it, I drove the knife into my heart.


I am writing this story from Heaven. I killed myself because I don’t want to be a murderer. Canetrie is here with me. Hook isn’t here. I don’t know where he is.



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